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Risk Management for Pensions, Endowments, and Foundations
Author: S. Mangiero

A step-by-step approach to risk management for pensions, endowments and foundations in non-technical language written by a leading consultant and financial trainer.
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Detailed Description

Author: S. Mangiero

Published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 2005

268 pages

Risk Management for Pensions, Endowments and Foundations is a non-technical primer about the risk management process for endowments, foundations and pension funds. The book goes beyond coverage of the risk-return characteristics of derivative instruments to provide decision-makers with information about setting up a risk management program, determining a hedge strategy and monitoring hedge performance.

Organized into four comprehensive parts, this book;

  • Provides a corporate governance rationale for risk management education and describes why tax-exempt investors might consider using derivative instruments
  • Examines the basics of risk, futures, options, and swaps, including case studies specific to endowments, foundations, and pensions
  • Addresses the risk management process from start to finish, with special emphasis on its dynamic nature
  • Comments on the operating environment, which is currently changing

Filled with examples, checklists, and end-of-chapter summaries, Risk Management for Pensions, Endowments, and Foundations provides clear guidance with regard to derivative instruments, risk management concepts, and special concerns such as valuation and reporting.

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