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Quick Hit Research #9: Advisor Technology and Social Media Trends
We examined advisor technology and social media trends. We used our advisor database to identify key trends in technology and social media among DC specialist advisors. Here’s what we see.
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Quick Hits is a series of fast reads that use Ann Schleck & Co. knowledge and experience to guide research you’ll find interesting, useful, timely, and filled with insights and recommendations that can improve your position in the retirement plan market. Similar to your business, advisors are investing in technology. The mean technology expenses in 2015 among all practices was $16,178 (median: $5,000). Not surprisingly, large practices spend more on technology. In fact, 3.9% of their practice expenses are allocated to technology. This might seem insignificant at first glance, but since over 80% of practice expenses are people-related, it’s a large allocation. The following report is designed to help you understand how advisors are using the technology they invest their time and money into so you may better connect with them in the marketplace.
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