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Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors
A timeless and flexible process for successful investment management decision making that is specifically tailored for Investment Advisors- professionals who provide comprehensive and continuous investment advice.
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Detailed Description

This handbook is about the Practices that define a global fiduciary standard of excellence for Investment Advisors- professionals who provide comprehensive and continuous investment advice including financial advisors, broker-consultants, investment consultants, wealth managers, financial consultants, trust officers, and financial planners.  This standard of excellence can best be defined as a melding of a fiduciary standard of care with industry best practices.  By following the suggested Practices in this handbook, the Investment Advisor can be confident that the critical components of each client's investment strategy are being properly implemented. 

The Practices identified in this handbook prescribe a process that strives for excellence in the management of investment decisions.  Yet they remain flexible enough to account for the continual changes in the investment world.  Once familiar with the Practices, the Investment Advisor should understand that no new investment product or technique is good or bad per se; not will it be valuable simply because it worked for other Advisors.  Furthermore, the Practices will help the Investment Advisor understand which new investment strategies, products, and techniques fit into their operations, and which do not.

The intelligent and prudent management of investment decisions requires the Advisor to maintain a rational, disciplined investment program.  The mind-boggling array of investment choices, coupled with market noise from stock markerts around the world, understandable can result in financial paralysis from information overload.  Investment Advisors clearly need a framwork for managing investment decisions that allows them to consider developing investment trends, and to thoughtfully navigate the possibilities. 

This is highly recommended for Investment Advisors either with fiduciary responsibility themselves or who service clients with fiduciary responsibility, or both.


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