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Ann Schleck & Co.
IRA Rollover Fee & Service Evaluator, First Edition (Mobile)
The IRA Rollover Fee & Service Evaluator is a convenient reference guide benchmarking the most current advisor fees, services and trends regarding IRA rollovers.
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Detailed Description

The new Fiduciary Rule requires rollover and IRA advice to be prudent. Benchmarking your IRA fees and services using an independent and trusted source can help you meet your fiduciary obligation. It's also an important part of understanding the competitive landscape of fees and communicating the value of your services to clients and prospects. The IRA Rollover Fee & Service Evaluator produced by Fi360 and powered by research from Ann Schleck & Co., an Fi360 company, is a convenient reference guide containing the most current IRA rollover fee and service benchmarking information available. The Evaluator is designed to help advisors follow and document a prudent process, which supports acting in the best interest of clients. The current data was gathered directly from advisors fall 2016. The database holds 950 IRA rollovers from a broad representation of retail and DC Specialist advisors. Information is organized for advisors by IRA product type, IRA rollover asset amounts, and overall client assets under advisement. In addition to highlights about the Fiduciary rule, the Evaluator also contains insightful facts and statistics on IRA fee and service trends. After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from which you will be prompted to download IRA Rollover Fee & Service Evaluator. For the best user experience, Android users should first download the Kobo eBooks app. Please note that if you prefer a physical copy of the guide, one is available for purchase in the store.
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